De Tuin van Bret (Bret’s Garden) is a green oasis in the grey city, right next to Amsterdam’s Sloterdijk train station. A group of environmentally conscious local entrepreneurs tried to create a space with a minimal effect on the environment. Less mindless buying, more sustainability and circular innovation.

De Zomertuin van Bret (Bret’s Summer Garden) is a small-scale outdoors summer festival. By featuring mostly Dutch artist, there’s no environmentally costly air travel, the stage and the bar are built up from recycled materials, and there’s deposits on plastic cups to encourage reuse.

Nol created a summery visual style for De Zomertuin van Bret, with vibrant reds and a setting sun. The distinct colour red reflects the Tuin van Bret’s red containers, while the setting sun reminds you of hot summer evenings. By using a natural phenomenon like the sun, the logo also envelops Bret’s environmental goals.