Brenger helps people move stuff by connecting them to couriers driving that way, anyway. The founders, derk and wisse, built their platform to make shipping big things more efficient, cheaper, and environmentally friendlier. And brenger is being noticed: marktplaats, ebay’s dutch online auction platform, chose brenger to be their delivery partner.

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Matters Most worked with Derk and Wisse to overhaul brenger’s branding. Nol designed a new visual style, reworked their colour scheme, and created a fresh, new logo. This helped to position the brenger as a fresh, agile, and co2-efficient player in the old school courier business.


De tuin van bret (bret’s garden) is a green oasis in the grey city, right next to amsterdam’s sloterdijk train station. A group of environmentally conscious local entrepreneurs tried to create a space with a minimal effect on the environment. Less mindless buying, more sustainability and circular innovation.

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De zomertuin van bret (bret’s summer garden) is a small-scale outdoors summer festival. By featuring mostly dutch artist, there’s no environmentally costly air travel, the stage and the bar are built up from recycled materials, and there’s deposits on plastic cups to encourage reuse.

Nol created a summery visual style for de zomertuin van bret, with vibrant reds and a setting sun. The distinct colour red reflects the tuin van bret’s red containers, while the setting sun reminds you of hot summer evenings. By using a natural phenomenon like the sun, the logo also envelops bret’s environmental goals.


Custom type for a recent bookcover I did for my dear friend Huub Gelissen


The final chosen logomark for tolbar. Tolbar is a creative space and bar, founded june 5th 2015. It’s like a second living room, where you can easily sit down for some food or drinks, or work behind your laptop. Tolbar is located in the creative space ‘cinetol’: a working environment for creatives and a venue for art and culture.

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Climate change, organising your own healthcare, growing inequality between rich and poor. KAW is an architectural firm with a focus on social impact. They try to connect communities by building sustainable community centers or state-of-the-art nursing homes. Nol rebranded KAW and made sure that their social focus was at the visual center of their brand. With his help, KAW positioned itself not like any other run-of-the-mill architectural firm, but one that focuses on the human inhabitants as well as the neighbours of their creations.

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Jägermeister is al sinds de jaren '90 actief in de muziekwereld, en heeft door de jaren heen acts en events van wereldklasse ondersteund en georganiseerd. Jäger Music is een platform dat opkomende artiesten support en een podium geeft en werken we trots samen met wereldact Yellow Claw en een scala aan andere artiesten. 

Jägermeister bestaat uit 56 ingrediënten, dus vieren we het vijfjarig bestaan van Jäger Music ook 56 keer! De komende 5 maanden kun je kans maken op een goodie, kaarten voor bijzondere feestjes of andere gekkigheid. Ook releasen we exclusieve video’s, tracks en andere content rondom de artiesten. 

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We used the numbers most relevant to Jägermeister and Jäger Music to create them. -18 the ultimate chilling temperature of Jägermeister. 56 represents the number of ingreidents for both the drink and the 5YR campaign.


Using the angles to create recognisable media and pr material. Moving the shapes to change a colours percentage of coverage is aim.




Hi i'm Nol 

I enjoy working on concept-driven solutions that fuse functionality and aesthetics. I firmly believe that good design can put into focus a company’s goals.

I graduated from Sint Lucas in 2014. Since then i've worked at 310KStudio DolourConcept56 and Matters Most, creating a wide variety of recognizable works.

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